Latest Android Nougat 7.0 OS – The Most Effective Mobile Apps Development Platform

Android – With the arrival of Nougat 7.0, Android is soaring further beyond the current success. It is unarguably the biggest mobile O.S. with largest number of android users. There’s no denying about its variable role in surging the mobile utility to a new height. It rules over low-end and mid-end smart phone segment with white-washing most of the alternate options. ‘Google Play Store’ makes it unique and raised the bar but with a staggering height. So, with android apps development from us, you can ensure to stay connected with your clients for ever…


Android Apps Development by OSculus Technologies

Few benefit of Android App Development

• Creative App UI/UX Design
• Bug-free support and maintenance services
• GIS enabled database
Social Media Integration
• AdMob Integration
• Security and Confidentiality
• SDK Integrations
• Location integration
• In-app purchases

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