PHP Development

PHP Development

Tailor-made & Result-Driven PHP Websites & Applications for Your Business

PHP is the leading choice as a server-side scripting language for creating dynamic content and applications. PHP is the acronym for Hypertext Pre-processor, which was originally called Personal Home Pages. This scripting language find its use in the development of:

  • Static websites
  • Dynamic websites
  • Web applications

The hallmark of using PHP is that it helps to create websites with an easy-to-use interface. PHP scripts can only be interpreted by a PHP interpreter installed on the web browser computer.

Top Reasons to Use PHP

PHP is the ultimate choice of computer programmers and developers because:

  • It makes web development services fast, secured and reliable.
  • PHP supports Oracle and Sybase
  • PHP easily crates simple functions, methods as well as syntax
  • It assists database management system and open source database.
How PHP Works

PHP needs an interpreter, as already stated. This interpreter is either implemented as a CGI (Common Gateway Interface) or as Web Server’s Native Module. Once the code is interpreted and executed, the web browser sends the resulting output signal to the client. It can generate HTML code of a webpage, image or any other data. Gradually PHP has evolved in technology and now includes CLI or Command-line Interface and can be effectively used in case of standalone graphical applications.

OSculus’s PHP coders have the expertise in amalgamating the capabilities of PHP scripting language with other programming languages (HTML), web frameworks and tinplating engines.

Use of PHP & Our Services

The biggest utility of PHP is that the scripts can be used on multiple operating systems like Linux, Unix, Solaris as well as Microsoft Windows and Mac OS. It can effectively support majority web servers, including IIS and Apache. These two aspects make PHP top the list of software programming. The web developers have the ultimate freedom to choose OS and web server without any hindrance.

Since, the primary focus of PHP is server-side scripting, there are three important aspects which are integrally connected to the scripting language. They include:

PHP Parser – which is a program that helps to convert source (readable by human beings) codes into formats which are easier for a computer to understand.

Web server– which is a program that helps to execute files and fetch webpages matching user requests.

Web Browser–which is a computer application that is required to display content on the Internet.

OSculus, the best PHP development agency in Noida (Delhi) , specializes in the following PHP-based services:
  • Customized PHP application development
  • PHP product development
  • PHP Application Migration
  • Customized PHP Integration with Flash and Flex
  • PHP Integration with Online Payment Gateways
  • Custom CMS and Framework Development
  • Open-Source CMS Development
  • PHP Shopping Cart Development
  • PHP Responsive Web Development
  • PHP Python and Django Integration Services
  • PHP web application QA testing services
What Makes Us #1 PHP Development Company?

OSculus is a top-notch PHP development service provider in India having rich experience and technical knowhow. We have been professionally serving our long list of clientele with utmost commitment and dedication.

  • We have a team of certified PHP professionals and web developers
  • We have expertise in rolling out the best PHP strategies suited to your web development needs.
  • We are expert coders and we follow proper documentation for each and every code used.
  • Our developers always guarantee fast data processing and compatibility.
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